And here we go…


Welcome to my very first website!!  Confession:  I am a virgin blogger.  So now that we have that out of the way…I ask for your patience while I “learn the ropes” of the big blog world.  I could not be more excited about the launch of my site.  A special thanks to designer and developer, Zac Freundt, of Roberts Creative!

Since it is November, I find it fitting for the subject of my first post to highlight the custom calligraphy I did for my daughter’s 1st birthday party invitations.  My favorite aspect about being a calligrapher is when I have the opportunity to customize the ink for a special event.  There was really no theme to her party, but the colors used were strawberry and teal/aqua.  The envelopes featured a teal or aqua/green ink!  It was absolutely a blast to create!